Monday, August 25, 2008

Food Combinations

Wrong Combination:

Ø Milk and curd with banana.

Ø Milk or curd with radish.

Ø Milk and curd.

Ø Honey with hot water or any other hot substance.

Ø Honey and radish.

Ø Khichdi and Kheer.

Ø Milk with musk melon(kharbooza)/watermelon/cucumber/sanke gourd(kakadi).

Ø Bengal gram (Urad) and radish.

Ø Curd and blackberry(jamun) .

Ø Curd and musk melon(kharbooza).

Ø Curd and paneer.

Ø Fruits with vegetables.

Ø Radish or curd at night.

Ø Curd after heating.

Ø Ghee kept in a copper pot for more than 10 or more days.

Ø Pulses with sweet potato/potato/kachalu.

Ø Musk melon(kharbooza)/watermelon with any other food item.

Ø Pulses and Rice or Pulses and Chapati.

Ø Milk or Curd with Chapati.

Ø Chapati and Tamarind.

Ideal Combination:

Ø Mango and cow's milk.

Ø Milk and dates.

Ø Rice and coconut.

Ø Guava with fennel seed(saunf).

Ø Watermelon with radish leaves.

Ø Asparagus(bathua) and curd raita.

Ø Curd and pulses.

Ø Mix vegetable of carrot and methi.

Ø Banana and cardamom(small).

Ø Curd and amla powder.

Ø Swetsaar with vegetables.

Ø Dry fruits with citrus fruits .

Ø Pulses and vegetables.

Ø Vegetables and rice khichdi.

Ø Fruits and small quantity dry fruits with vegetables.

Ø Chaopati with green leafy vegetables.

Ø Sprouts with fresh coconut.

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