Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Effective Home Remedies of Various diseases

1. Pitaashmari (Gall bladder stone):

a) Badaam giri – 6 nag, Munakka – 6 nag, Kharbooza – 4 gm, Choti ilayachi – 2 nag, Mishri – 10 gm. (Method of Consumption: Make the powder of above all the ingredients and soak 1tsp of the powder into one glass of water at night. Next early morning consume it empty stomach.)

2. Netra Vikar (Eye Problems):

a) Tying the chatani of the leaves of sehjan on eyes helps acute pain of eye.

b) Make a bolus of 11gm Kumari majja (aloe vera gel) and 220mg Afeem, now either pour 2 3 drops of from the bolus into the eyes or just keep on touching the eye (closed) with the bolus. It is beneficial in the pain of eye.

c) Mixture of Haridra Choornam (Turmeric Powder) with Kumari majja (Aloe vera gel) is helpful in Conjunctivitis (Ankh Dukhni ana).

d) Frequently rinsing of the eye with Triphala (Amala + Harad + Bahera) decoction is helpful in the redness and pain of eye.

e) Consumption of the mixture of Amla (Indian gooseberry) and Shehed (Honey) is helpful for eyesight.

f) Pouring 2-3 drops of the solution of Shudh Sfatika choornam – 1 rati + Rose water – 25gm is helpful in conditions of redness, conjunctivitis (ankh dukhni ana) and pain.

g) Triphala Ghrutam + Saptamrit Loha + Mukta Shukti Pishti, Neti Karam with water or cow’s milk beneficial to maintain and correction of the eyesight.

h) In conditions such as Conjunctivitis, Redness, Burning or Pain in eyes put Goat’s milk + Boric acid into the eyes.

i) Only sprinkling of Boric acid or only Putting Goat’s milk into the eyes is also beneficial in Conjunctivitis, Redness, Burning or Pain in eyes.

3. Shireh Shool (Headache):

a) Mixture of 1-2 drops of Chandan Tailam with Batasha atleast 3-4 times a day is helpful in headache due to Sex problems.

b) Pouring of 2-3 drops of Shadbindu tailam into the nose is beneficial in all types headaches.

c) By tying the luke warm mixture of Kumari rasa or majja (Aloe vera juice or gel) and Daaru haridra powder on the head is beneficial in Kafaj and Vaataj Shireh Shool.

d) Soak 50gm chana + 20gm kishmish + 5 badaam giri + 10 gm Triphala + 15gm saunf + 5 kali mirach in 250ml of water at night. Next morning, consume water and eat all the ingredients empty stomach and do not take anything for other 2 hrs. Repeat it for 21 days. It is helpful in headache, constipation and generalized weakness.

e) Mixture of equal quantity of amla choornam(Indian gooseberry) + Ghee + Shakkar is helpful in headache.

f) By applying the paste of giri inside the seeds of kharbooza relieves headache caused due to excessive sunrays.

g) Shankhpushpi wati or Shireh shoolhar wati 2 bd is a remedy for headache.

4. Koshtha Shool (Stomach ache):

a) Consumption of Ajwain with warm water (dose according to the severity of ache)

b) Chewing of Saunf relieves stomach ache.

c) Hingwashtak Choornam is beneficial in the stomach ache caused due to constipation.

5. Karn Shool (Ear ache):

a) Administration of luke warm juice of onion into the ear relieves ear ache.

b) By pouring 2 3 drops of Gomutra (Cow’s urine) into the infected ear helps to cure infection and pain in the ear.

c) Application of the paste of 1 part Amla(Indian gooseberry) and 2 part Haldi(Turmeric Powder) relieves inflammation and pain in the ear.

d) In the case of ticks and lice in the ear add the smoke of brinjal into the ears.

e) Smoke of the leaves of neem in beneficial in waxed ears.

f) Pour Goat’s milk in the ear in wounded ears.

g) Pour luke warm juice of Aloe Vera in the opposite ear of pain.

h) By putting 2-3 drops of the Sarson ka Tail (mustard oil) or Til Tail (sesame oil) processed with neem leaves helps to subside the acute pain in the ear.

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