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children and the young people generally suffer with the disease of excess urination. allopathic medicines control this disease for some time, but this system of medication does not offer any permanent solution to the problem. ayurveda offers the right treatment for this disease. in this disease the patient has the urge to urinate at short intervals and in excess quantity. the patient excretes approximately 10 liters of urine in 24 hours.


the patient suffering with this disease drinks water at short intervals, has constipation, loses appetite, passes yellow colored urine, has the complaint of backache and his health deteriorates with each passing day due to these symptoms. ayurvedic remedies

1 take 1/2 gm of ritha seed powder with fresh water twice a day. it controls disease within a week.

2 black sesame 50 gm, ajwain 25 gm; mix both the things and make a fine powder. add 65 gm of jaggery. take 5 gm of this medicine twice a day. this will cure the disease.

3 poppy seeds 25 gm, jaggery 25 gm; mix both the items and keep it aside. take 2 gm of this mixture with water twice a day. this medicine is beneficial in controlling the disease of excess urination.

4 black pepper 30 gm, moolhathi 45 gm, sugar candy 60 gm; mix all the three things and make a fine powder. take 4 gm of this powder with ghee made out of cow milk twice a day.

5 taal makhana 25 gm, shatavar 50 gm, sugar candy 100 gm; mix all the things and make a powder. take 5 gm of this medicine with milk after meals twice a day. this cures the problems of excess urination, dreams, early ejaculation of sperm, discharge of sperm, impotency, bed-wetting and other diseases.

6 mix 2 gm each of turmeric and sesame and add 4 gm of jaggery. take this medicine with lukewarm water twice a day. this controls the problem of excess urination.

burning sensation and pain in the bladder:

this is a very painful disease. when the patient has the urge to pass urine he has to put lot of pressure. he is able to pass urine with lot of pain and burning sensation. this causes pain and burning sensation in the bladder, which makes the patient nervous and restless. regular consumption of any one medicine mentioned below is beneficial in this disease. the disease will get cured in due course of time. the patient should not loose patience and have faith.

7 grind the fresh new leaves of banyan tree and take it with cold water or cow milk, it stops the burning sensation in the urine.

8 take 150 gm of kantakari rasa (essence of silk cotton tree) with honey. this medicine cures burning sensation and pain in the bladder.

9 take asgandh, dry ginger powder, giloy, amla and gokharu in equal proportions and make-a fine powder. now boil 25 gm of this powder in 350 gm of water. boil till it reduces to one-fourth quantity, remove it from flame and sieve it. drink when it is cool. this will reduce the burning sensation in the bladder.

10 make a fine paste of raisins-and sugar candy and eat it with curd water. this will control burning sensation in the bladder and painful discharge of urine.

11 take 2 gm each of cucumber seeds and sesame and make a fine paste. take this paste twice a day with milk and ghee. this medicine will cure the urinary problems. blockage of urine there is a list of several medicines mentioned below, consume those which are easily available and can be prepared easily.

12 alum 40 gm, kalamishora 40 gm, white sandal powder 20 gm; mix all the ingredients and make a fine powder with the help of a cloth. take three gm of this powder with fresh water twice a day. this medicine helps in passing the urine with out difficulty.

13 rub the horn of stag just like sandal and make a lep (pack) with 10 gm of this powder and apply on all the sides of the navel. this will create the urge to pass urine freely within 15 to 20 minutes.

14 take the fresh roots of sharpunkha and rub it along with water. take two gm of this paste with jaggery powder at an interval of three hours twice or thrice a day. this will help in passing the urine freely.

15 grind amla (myrobalan) with water and make a paste. apply this paste on all sides of the navel. the patient will pass urine freely within few minutes.

16 fomentation with hot water in the lower part of the navel and back gives great relief to the patient.

kidney pain:

there are several reasons for kidney pain. the pain could be due to kidney stones, consumption of buttermilk, rice, juice and other cold things. this pain starts suddenly. it begins from the back and is passes to lower part of the navel, thighs, foetus, stomach, chest and spine. kidney pain is very painful and unbearable. the patient becomes restless and does get relief. consume any one medicine mentioned here, which is easily available and suitable.

1. take two rattis of yavakshar, kalamishora, white sugar, aniseed, nousadar and nine gm of sugar candy. make a fine powder and swallow it with water. single dose of this medicine cures kidney pain and the patient passes the urine freely. repeat the dose in case the patient does not get relief with single dose.

2 raddish juice 25 gm, yavakshar 1 gm; mix both the things and drink it twice or thrice a day. the stones dissolve and excrete through urine and the kidney pain cures permanently. take this medicine for eight to ten days.

3 take black pepper, pure thorn apple seeds, swarna geru and nousadar extract in equal proportions and make a fine paste. make tablets of one ratti each and take one or two tablets with butter, this medicine cure kidney pain.

4 take 30 gm of the juice of round gourd (petha), 25 gm of kalamishora and 250 gm of milk, mix all the things and consume it twice a day for few days. this will relieve the kidney pain,

5 take 30 gm of juice of banana stem, 25 gm of kalamishora and 250 gm of milk, mix all the things and take it twice a day. the kidney pain will subside within few days. proper diet in kidney pain the patient should be given barley, old small rice, old round gourd, in other words, he should be given food, which contains abundant quantity of carbose and less of protein, the patient should be given boiled water. do not give him tea, coffee, potato, onion, raisins, dry mango powder, fig and other items, which digest slowly. do not give lime, soda or sour water and do not allow the patient to do any type of exercise.

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